South Beloit High School Brick Walkway

To South Beloit Community.

     The brick walkway in front of South Beloit High School has started to deteriorate over the last few years.  The need to salt the sidewalk to keep the entrance safe during the winter has turned many bricks white, others hard to read and some have started to loosen. The School has tried many different substances to refresh the walkway, but nothing has worked.  The bricks continue to deteriorate. Therefore, the District has made the decision to resurface the area and purchase all new bricks for the upcoming school year.  The District is working with the same company who made the original bricks,  and all new ones with be the same.    

     The District will also be moving the brick walkway over to the right of the front entrance to protect them.  There will be a brand-new cement flagpole design with the bricks around the pole.     People will still be able to see the bricks as they enter the High School, but they will be over about eight feet and the new area will not need to be salted.  This will keep the brick walkway looking new for many years to come. . 

     The District will be replacing the walkway sometime in July.  The School will not be destroying the original bricks and would like to return them to the families who purchased them.  If you would like the original brick from the walkway, please feel free to call the District Office              (815-389-3478).  We will be happy to set up a time for you to pick the original brick up.  Thank you and please have a nice summer. 



Scott Fisher, Supt.