Kindergarten Drive-Through Graduation Ceremony

The Kindergarten Class of 2021 will be having a drive-through graduation ceremony on Thursday, May 27th at Clark Elementary School from 5:00PM-6:00PM. Each Class will be assigned a time to drive through the front bus lane to receive their diploma and get their recognition for successfully completing kindergarten. This will be done to reduce the traffic for each class and to keep our numbers low throughout the event.
Students will receive their diploma in a sealed, plastic bag from their teacher. They will wear gloves/hand sanitizer to distribute each diploma safely following the current guidelines we are operating under. Students and their families will not be allowed to leave their vehicle at any time during the ceremony.
Assigned drive-through times are as follows:
Miss Dobson's Class: 5:00PM-5:15PM
Mrs. Kurich's Class: 5:15PM-5:30PM
Mrs. Dooley's Class: 5:30PM-5:45PM
Mrs. Laue's Class: 5:45PM-6:00PM